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A balanced body is a healthy body. If one part of your body is out of whack, then likely other parts will follow suit. When things in your life begin to get out of balance, your wellness coach can help bring things back into balance. My Life Coach International is one of the top personal coaching services in Denver because we give our clients the support and inspiration they need to be their healthiest, happiest selves. We’ve helped past clients become more active, eat a more well-rounded diet, achieve a healthier mindset, and even lose over 100 pounds! You’ll be amazed at what teaming up with a qualified health coach can do to improve your body, mind, and quality of life.

Denver Health Coach for the Whole You

Because balance plays such a significant role in your physical health, it makes sense that your physical health plays a role in nearly all other aspects of your life. Investing in regular health coaching not only improves various aspects of one’s health, but better health, in turn, helps improve so many other parts of your life. That’s why our personal coaching is for the whole person, assisting you in not only your personal and professional life, but in improving your physical health as well, which helps support all these other changes. My Life Coach International was established to help you enhance your life in every way, which means wellness coaching is also a vital service for our Denver clients.

Benefits of Quality Wellness Coaching

We take a lot of pride in the wellness coaching services that we provide to the Denver area. We've seen our health coaching services help our clients improve their lives in a myriad of ways. Being physically healthy can help with your motivation, confidence, mental health, and optimism, just to name a few benefits.  Whether you are looking for health coaching to help you improve your lifestyle, outlook, or behavior, My Life Coach International in Denver has the support you’ve been missing to take real action on those wellness goals. 

A Dependable Denver Wellness Coach

As one of Denver's favorite health coaches, My Life Coach International always put the needs of our clients first. Our devoted clients are truly what make us great, and we look forward to sharing our joy in your success. We will do everything in our power as a wellness coach to help you achieve your personal goals. Your health coach values and honors the trust you are putting in our services and takes your challenges, strengths, and goals to heart.

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If you’ve been meaning to start being healthier but feel like life keeps getting in the way, then our professional health coaching services then let My Life Coach International provide the kick-start and consistency you’ve been missing. Our mission is to help our client in Denver and around the world live happier, healthier, more balanced lives.


My Life Coach International is a life coaching company founded by Katy Bartlett, a certified Master Life Coach and international public speaker offering her coaching services to the Denver area and beyond