Creating new, healthier habits is probably the best way to consistently improve your life without losing any hard-earned progress. But finding a way to establish those habits and dedicating yourself to maintaining them is a struggle for most people. Changing your life comes down to changing your behavior and it’s not easy to combat years of habitual behavior and conditioning. Changing the way you've done things for much, or even all of your life is not something that happens overnight. It’s also not something that is likely to happen without sufficient support and consistency. If you are ready to change your behavior and ultimately your life, My Life Coach International in Denver is here for you with behavioral coaching to make it stick this time around.

Serving Denver Through Behavioral Coaching

Changing your behavior is something that requires a significant amount of work. When that work becomes too much to handle on your own, you will find that having access to a quality life coach capable of extra guidance and encouragement makes all the difference. My Life Coach International in Denver has been helping our clients change their lives for the better since 2002. We take great pride in our clients’ success and in the work that we do to help them shape healthier behaviors and achieve the results they’ve always wanted.

Denver Personal Coaching that Produces Results

What separates us from other methods you may have tried in the past is that our behavioral coaching service provider produces results. My Life Coach International has seen first-hand how effective behavioral coaching can be. That’s because it was her own personal and transformative experience with behavioral coaching that inspired our founder. Our behavioral coaching and behavioral services include helping you find and maintain motivation, revamp your daily routines, achieve weight loss goals, overhaul your diet and exercise habits, use natural herbal nutrition for wellness, and develop a healthier, happier outlook on life. Through self-empowerment and behavioral coaching, My Life Coach International has helped our Denver clients totally transform their lives, enabling some to lose over 100 pounds. There is nothing you can't do make beneficial changes, and we want to help you realize just what’s possible in your own life.

Quality Coaching Services You Can Trust in Denver

We've worked hard since 2002 to become one of the top behavioral coaches in Denver over the years. We know that our reputation is based on the quality behavioral coaching services and results that we provide to our Denver clients. We are here to support you in making the changes and improvements you’ve been wanting to see in your life.

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If the professional lifestyle coaching services that My Life Coach International offers can help you achieve the goals that you have for yourself, feel free to contact us today. We want to help the people of Denver achieve their personal, financial, health, relationship, and behavioral goals.


My Life Coach International is a life coaching company founded by Katy Bartlett, a certified Master Life Coach and international public speaker offering her coaching services to the Denver area and beyond